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Business License

Who needs a Business License?

Any business that is located or plans to locate within the Town of Estill (resident), or out-of-town business (non-resident) who performs work within the town limits, is required to purchase a business license.  Annual licenses are valid from January 1st thru December 31st of each year. Renewals are due by March 31st of each year to avoid penalties for non-compliance.  Violations of the Business License ordinance carry a maximum fine of $500 per day, 30 days in jail, or both.

How do I obtain a Business License?

Contact the Business License Official at Town Hall, (803) 625-3243.

All applications for a New Resident business license must be approved by the Building Inspection, Fire Department, and Police Department. This approval is signed after completion of an inspection of your office location.

All applications for a New Resident Home Based business license where the business is being conducted from the residence must be approved for a Home Occupation.

Any change in ownership or physical address requires an updated application to be submitted to the Business License Official. Physical address changes require inspections by the Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer, Building Inspector, Fire Department, and Police Department prior to relocation.  All buildings must meet building code, fire safety, and public safety requirements.  Permits are required for any renovations or changes.  After the inspection has been passed, and your County Affidavit for business taxes has been updated, return the forms to the Town of Estill Business License Official  for final acceptance.

What codes/ordinances will I be required to meet to obtain a Business License?

  • Zoning approval
  • Water & Sewer approval
  • Police Department inspection
  • Building Codes
  • Fire and Safety Codes
  • SC Dept of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) regulations
  • Town Council approval

What information will I be required to submit?

All new resident business license applicants will be required to submit the following:

  • Business License Classification and Rates
  • Completed Business license application
  • Safety and fire inspection report
  • Home occupation report 
  • DHEC Inspection report (if applicable)
  • SC State license or registration (if applicable)
  • Completed/signed County affidavit for bus./personal property tax

All applications for Non-Resident business licenses are required to present a copy of any SC State license or registration for their profession or trade along with a completed business license application.

  • Remember to verify to the Business License Official  any and all businesses that perform work at your location. This includes, but is not limited to, service, repair, cleaning, maintenance or renovation work and also placement of vending or amusement devices. Any person or business conducting business within the town, whose revenue is not reported through your business as a employee, is required to obtain his or her own business license.

Are there any other special requirements for a business license?

  • All businesses or trades must have copies of any required SC licenses, registrations, and/or inspections for your type of business
  • All restaurants and prepared food related businesses require SC Department of Health & Environmental Control (DHEC) approval
  • Retail sales businesses are required to obtained a SC sales tax ID number
  • If alcohol, beer, or wine is to be served, State law requires a SC Department of Revenue (DOR) permit; a copy of which must be presented with the business license application
  • Vending and amusement machine distributors are required to provide a list of machines and their locations. A business license is required, as well as a machine permit for all amusement machines prior to placement.
  • This list is not exhaustive; but is intended to be representative of the business license application and approval process.  Please schedule an appointment with the Business License Official in order to ensure compliance with Town of Estill and State of South Carolina regulations.

Town of Estill

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(formerly 205 E. Railroad Ave)

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